Seaside tourism

Lacanau is a seaside resort known for its surf spot, long sandy beaches and lively seafront.

In August, Lacanau becomes the surfing capital by hosting the Lacanau Pro which attracts the biggest names in surfing worldwide and more and more tourists each year.


Around Lacanau sea

– The Longarisse lake and the Moutchic beach which offer many water activities for big and small with sailing, paddle, canoeing, water skiing, boat, and splash Park

– The nature reserve of the pond of Cousseau, located between Carcans-Hourtin and Lacanau, allows you to walk on foot or by bike in a very quiet place!


Going down to the South:

– The Bassin d’Arcachon is a destination with multiple landscapes, embark on a boat and go discover the Bird Island and Cabins Tchanquées which host many species of birds. Be careful not to be trapped by the tides!

– The peninsula of Cap Ferret and its many oyster-farming villages all more charming than the others. Compete against the 258 steps of the Cap Ferret lighthouse and enjoy a breathtaking panorama, overlooking the Arcachon Basin and the Pilat dune on one side and the ocean on the other. By going to Cap Ferret you will be obliged to taste the famous oysters of the Bassin d’Arcachon

– Arcachon and its dune: make the detour by the Pilat to climb, for the bravest, the highest dune in Europe (110 meters), its view will always leave you speechless! The Pilat dune owes its fame to its exceptional size and the exceptional panorama it offers on the forest, the Banc d’Arguin and the ocean

– The Teich and its ornithological reserve: located in the middle of the wilderness, this reserve hosts more than one hundred species of birds protected by the area reserved for them!


Going up North:

– The lake Carcans-Hourtin offers moments of relaxation! With its 5,667 hectares, the Carcans-Hourtin lake is the largest freshwater lake in France. Benefiting from a preserved natural environment, this immense lake attracts families and hikers.

– The Cordouan lighthouse, Le Verdon: take the boat to go on the island which shelters the famous lighthouse and benefit from a surprising sight

– Stroll on the seaside of Montalivet


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